We provide a social and commercial platform to support you through the ever-evolving voyage of motherhood by providing a meet-up & discussion forum, retail perks, events, products and a blog to help holistically grow and strengthen your current networks.  We invite you to come join our MumVine Community.

MumVine was founded by Tatiana and Victoria, two mothers and great friends, who through their own individual journeys came to appreciate the importance in creating a strong network around you.  The concept of MumVine was developed through understanding the need and merit of this interaction and the realisation of the current limited services available.

As a company run by Mums, for Mums, about Mums we understand the value of meeting like minded individuals and acquiring a network of businesses that support Motherhood.

We all know that at some point the ‘online’ world around us is not enough. So take advantage of offline options and come join us for some R&R!! Keep track of MumVines social calendar for upcoming events and more information.



Our Resident Gypsea
50% Kiwi | 50% Hispanic

Tatiana Rush


Tatiana has lived her life between two distinctively different cultures and is now married to an Englishman with whom she has a little boy. Having lived in New Zealand, Bolivia, Australia and England she overflows in her love for family, travel and community.

With a degree in Psychology and Social Anthropology, serious writing chops and a determination and passion for social causes that comes across in her approach, Tatiana has undertaken to guide networking through managing social platforms, business liaising and blogging for MumVine.




Victoria Gaunt


Victoria is a keen traveler and has spent most her life globetrotting and living between the UK, NZ and Australia. She has now settled into family life here in Auckland with her Kiwi born other half and enjoying raising their beautiful two daughters. Motherhood now captivating the focal in her story, she loves to immerse herself with passion in all things “Mummy” and enjoying its unique journey.

Victoria incorporates her learnings and enthusiasm from her study in Business and Tourism and Event Management with her passion for writing and love of her children and family to be part of creating and steering an exciting new social platform to connect and support Mothers. Victoria is proud to be joined creator in MumVine, a concept made from love with her dear friend, which encompasses their joint passions and values.